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     STOP Foreclosure
    Know Your Options!

    A Short Sale May Be The Solution
    Payments Hard to Keep Up With?
    Owe More Than You Can Sell For?
    Life Circumstances Changed?
    Lost Job? Job Relocated? Family Changes?
    Short Sale Lender Pays Closing Fees Out of Sales Proceeds
    in Most Cases -- Little or No Out of Pocket $$

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    Starting November 1, 2012 Guidelines are changing to allow homeowners to apply for a lender approved Short Sale without missing mortgage payments.

    Military homeowners with proof of PCS orders allowed short sale -- PCS is their hardship.  

    What's the difference between a short sale and a foreclosure on a credit report?

    It could be 150 points or more. If negotiated well, short sales can be a win-win for homeowners and lenders. The lender avoids costly foreclosure proceedings and the homeowner salvages their credit.

    According to Ray Martin, financial advisor on "The Early Show" on CBS, a short sale reduces the seller's credit score by about 100 points, while a foreclosure reduces it by about 250.

    Each Short Sale is unique -- Short Sale approval is determined by the Lender

    Stopping Foreclosures One Short Sale at a Time